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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to printscreen?

Ever need to print something on your computer desktop or in a application that just doesn't have a "Print" option? Printscreen was put into windows for the last decade but very few people I know are aware of it and/or know how to use it.

To do this, follow this procedure:
1. Maximize the window you'd like to capture.
2. To copy/capture the current window, hold down ALT + Print Scrn at the same time. To capture the entire screen, just press Print Scrn.
3. Open a new document in MS Word, MS Photo Editor, or Adobe PhotoShop.
4. Paste the screen shot by holding down CTRL and V at the same time.
5. Print the document when you're finished pasting screen shots.

 I simply used MS Paint and saved the file. VOILA all done. check the images and the quality are actually pretty descent. If you found this useful please click follow. Also if you need anyother tutorials just ask and I will be glad to make one for your specific problems.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Google Chrome -incognito mode!

When browsing the web on a public computer incognito mode is a must. It doesn't store cookies on your computer or keep browsing history either, which makes it a must for any avid porn viewer too. Check the photos and you will see how to make it so chome is always incognito so you don't need to change it everytime. Just right click your Chrome icon and edit the target directory like the pic below.
If you just want to run it incognito some of the time you can just click the little wrench in the upper-right hand side of the browser and a drop down menu will appear with the option of "new incognito window (ctrl+shift+n)."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Converting e-books to i-book. (or most other formats or vice versa)

In this tutorial I will be giving you a step by step walkthrough from finding software (calibre) to convert pdfs or most other digital books into .epub files which is apples default for ibooks.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Install Must have app's in a few quick easy steps!!!!

Ever do a fresh install and say "whoohoo i'm almost done" then 3 hours later you just finished installing some of the basics but nowhere near where you need to be?

I've done this way to many times and am happy to finally introduce a website where not only do you get all the basic and not-so basic apps that you need they also do it in just a few clicks and they automatically have the most up-to-date version of your software and for what type of os you got (ie x86 or x64 bit architecture). This is one of the many ideas i wish i had but never came up with.

Thanks to our friends @  http://ninite.com/ you can finally have your cake and eat it too!


Wanna Learn how to download torrents?

So your a little new to pc's and don't know how to download these .torrent files that everyone is talking about?

Here's a lil info from http://websearch.about.com/od/torrentsearch/a/whatisatorrent.htm regarding the basics of torrent files and how they work.

My favorite torrent client is Utorrent, which can be picked up here http://download.cnet.com/uTorrent/3000-2196_4-10528327.html?tag=mncol;1.

For more advanced features of this program you can view here for opening ports if you own a router and setting up download locations (I recommend this)http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup

Now for an great torrent search engine I recommend using http://thepiratebay.org/ or http://www.torrentz.com/. Also people will begin to tell you about private trackers and how they work, Just take a look http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_tracker as wikipedia explains it all in great length.

Whenever using a torrent site or engine please remember these are all user uploaded and can contain virus's or spyware so WHENEVER POSSIBLE READ THE COMMENTS BELOW THE TORRENTS. The longer you use it and get familiar with it you will notice some regular names will re-occur with great quality downloads.

Keep in mind that sometimes you will download a file and your computer will not know what it is or how to open them, don't give up you didn't get a bad file just your computer doesn't know how to assosiate with it because the file extension isn't archived. (picture.jpg or movie.mpeg) Jpg and mpeg are the file extensions for those type of files. So sometimes when you download a movie or application you will files that end in .rar or .iso just do a quick google of your file extension and voila! You have just figured out what type of file it is and what application you will need to open it.